Dry stone walling
New dry stone walling from Yorkshire stone
Delved walling stone
A house wall made with delved walling stone.
Dry stone walling
New and reclaimed yorkstone dry stone walling
capped with new half moon capstones

Yorkshire Stone Walling

Yorkshire walling stone from
£30.00 a tonne plus VAT, loose

Yorkstone walling is used for building houses, extensions, garages, and roadside and garden walls. The main types are dry stone walling, pitch faced walling, black face walling or reclaimed walling, punch face walling, and delph walling. Colours of new yorkstone walling are varied, ranging from sandy yellow to brown to grey.

Garden walling stone

Yorkstone dry stone walling is a familiar sight all over the Yorkshire countryside. It is also used to create stunning garden walling and walling for patios and driveways. It is supplied in mixed colours and thickness.

Stone for houses and extensions

Delved or delph walling stone is a high quality natural bed stone providing a rustic stone like that found in old farm buildings. It is ideal for buildings and home extensions.

Delved walling stone from
£125.00 a tonne plus VAT, bagged
Buying stone walling

To order yorkstone walling or for more information on walling prices, sizes, availability and delivery options please contact us.

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