Yorkstone Paving

Direct from our own quarry in Yorkshire, CB Stone offers the highest quality Yorkstone paving.

With years of experience, CB Stone employs many of the same methods of extraction to bring the best Yorkstone paving direct to you. Boasting numerous enviable properties, this type of sandstone paving has been widely used for centuries to pave streets and towns across the country. With its exceptional durability combined with true natural beauty, Yorkstone paving is now being used for paths, patios and much more besides, throughout the UK.

Sawn yorkstone paving at the Saatchi Gallery in London
Natural stone steps
Natural paving stone
Reclaimed yorkstone paving
Sawn yorkstone flagstones
Yorkshire stone steps will enhance your house frontage and can add value to the property.
Yorkstone riven paving stone has strength, colour and character not seen in any other natural stone.
Reclaimed or old yorkstone provides classic stone paving unmatched by any other stone.
Sawn yorkstone paving has a smooth finish and is used for pavements, patios and driveways.
Stone garden ornaments
Yorkstone dry stone walling
Natural stone fireplace
Swimming pool edging
Yorkstone is ideal for garden sculptures and statues, stone ornaments and house signs.
Yorkshire stone walling is used for houses, extensions, garages, and for garden walling.
Stunning natural stone fireplaces can be custom made from sawn yorkstone or riven yorkstone.
Yorkshire stone is ideal for swimming pool coping due to its quality, durability and good slip resistance.

As one of the leading suppliers of Yorkstone paving, we strive to give our customers the best buying experience possible, ensuring they get a superior product backed up by our commitment to customer care.

We offer many types of Yorkstone paving, derived primarily from two methods of production – via a riven method - which is the process of splitting the stone along its natural sedimentary layers; and sawing – which as its name suggests is a process of diamond-cutting sandstone paving on all six sides of a block or paving stone. Even now, the riven process is done by hand, with our experts skilfully splitting the large blocks of sandstone to create each unique piece of Yorkstone paving.

Sandstone paving has increased in popularity over recent years, with Yorkstone paving especially popular due to its stunning colours and texture. From sandy yellows at one end of the range to greys and browns at the other, Yorkstone paving is ideal for conservatory or kitchen floors – giving a natural and rural feel that is incredibly hardwearing. Sandstone paving can also be varnished or stained to give it a wet look, and this in turn can bring out the colours even more.

We supply Yorkstone paving for almost any application – from swimming pools and house signs to Yorkstone steps, patios and dry-stone walling. Try this remarkable sandstone paving for yourself and we think you’ll agree that Yorkstone paving adds life and character to any home or garden.

Browse through our Yorkstone paving galleries and then call us to find out more – on 07851 457805.

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