Yorkshire stone steps
Yorkstone bullnose steps at a house in London
Yorkstone steps with bullnose edging
Sandy coloured yorkstone step treads with white risers
make an attractive entrance to this London home
Yorkstone garden steps
Bullnosed Yorkshire stone steps provide the
prefect link from the yorkstone patio to the garden
Before and after stone steps
Before and after photos of a house in London
fitted with new yorkstone steps from CB Stone Sales

Yorkshire Stone Steps

Yorkshire stone steps will make the ideal entrance to your home due to their quality, durability and good slip resistance. Our attractive sandy-coloured yorkstone steps will enhance your house frontage and can add value to your property. They will look especially good when complemented by our sawn yorkstone paving or natural riven paving.

Price Example

Prices vary depending on the type of stone and the style of edging required but as an example a tread (the top part of the step) of sawn yorkstone 1000mm x 300mm x 50mm with a bullnose style on the long edge would cost £51.40.

for more information on our yorkstone steps prices, sizes, availability and delivery options.

All phone calls and email enquiries will be dealt with by the owner to give the customer the satisfaction of knowing they will get the undivided attention they expect.

Even though it was in the depths of winter, you pulled out all the stops to supply stone for both the steps and copings. The colour and hue of both are stunning and you couldn't have been more helpful.
Tom, Oxford

Our best quality york stone steps are made from our fine grained or large grained diamond sawn yorkstone. The treads of the steps are sawn from yorkstone slabs and cut to order from 40mm to 150mm in thickness with varying edge finishes including bull nose, half bull nose, ogee, pencil nose or chamfer (see the photos below). A popular choice is the 50mm bull nosed steps seen in the photos top left.

Edging styles
bullnose step edging

Full bullnose edging
£20.00 a linear metre plus cost of stone

Half bullnose step edging

Half bullnose edging
£10.00 a linear metre plus cost of stone

Ogee profile step edging

Ogee profile edging
£25.00 a linear metre 3 plus cost of stone

pencil edge step edging

Pencil edge
£7.50 a linear metre plus cost of stone

chamfer edge step edging

Chamfer edging
From £5.00 a linear metre plus cost of stone


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