Yorkstone garden monolith
Yorkstone monolith - create your own Stonehenge!
Garden water feature
Yorkstone rockery and pond

Rockeries & Monoliths

Stones for the garden from
£30.00 a tonne plus VAT.

Natural garden stone can be used for a wide range of garden projects. It can be used to create rockeries or to build water features and pond ornaments and edgings.

Small yorkstone pieces are used as stones for the garden which can be arranged randomly, or for garden rockeries, or for water garden features. Small rockeries create a nice focal point in a small garden. Larger stone rockery pieces are used for big landscaping projects. Large square stone blocks standing on end can create monoliths or mini stone circles like Stonehenge. You can complement your stone garden features with paving, steps and garden walling.

Buying garden yorkstone

To order stones for the garden or for more information on prices, sizes, availability and delivery options please contact us

All phone calls and email enquiries will be dealt with by the owner to give the customer the satisfaction of knowing they will get the undivided attention they expect.

Natural stone like yorkstone is much higher quality than artificial and manufactured garden stone. Use garden stone to add colour, texture and character to your garden and to blend in with its natural surroundings. New natural garden stone will gradually change colour over time depending on its environment.

Yorkstone can be used safely as a garden stone for your plants. It is also ideal for making edgings and rockeries for your pond, both above and below the water. The picture on the lower left shows large pieces of yorkshire garden sandstone used for a rockery and pond.

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