Reclaimed stone paving
Reclaimed stone paving
reclaimed yorkstone flags
Reclaimed york stone flags
Reclaimed yorkstone pavement
A range of colours on this reclaimed yorkstone pavement

Reclaimed Stone Paving

Reclaimed Yorkshire stone paving
from £80 a square metre plus VAT
delivered nationwide

Reclaimed or old yorkstone flags provide a classic paving stone unmatched by any other stone. Its beautiful natural colouring, aged and weathered face and amazing durability make reclaimed Yorkshire stone the ideal choice if you want a natural paving stone for your path or garden. It will stand up to the rigours of time, weather and heavy foot traffic and will last a lifetime.

Genuine yorkstone flags

Our reclaimed paving stones are genuine Yorkshire paving flagstones from town centre redevelopments and demolition sites. They are cleaned to remove oil and paint, squared and delivered on pallets. We use our network of contacts in local authorities and builders across England to source the highest quality reclaimed Yorkstone paving.

Buying reclaimed yorkstone paving

To order reclaimed stone paving or for more information on prices, sizes, availability and delivery options please contact us.

All phone calls and email enquiries will be dealt with by the owner to give the customer the satisfaction of knowing they will get the undivided attention they expect.

We also supply new riven yorkstone paving and smooth sawn yorkstone paving.

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